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More than it seems

Saint-Petersburg "Queerfest" festival is a pride week in a place, where it is impossible to hold a safe street pride. This is an international festival, which creates a place where everyone can be themselves. No one will be confused by your gender expression, name or your partner(s) gender (or maybe the number of them). You can be here bright, brave and loud, in one word - proud!

We unite LGBTQ+ people from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and even CIS countries in complicated and defiant context to show ourselves and the whole community that we are diverse, we are strong and we are here. And we deserve a better life and equal rights.

The 12th "Queerfest" topic is "More than it seems". We suggest to talk about how we can see our powers when it seems that everything assures us weakness.

It is said that we are a minority, however, there are more of us than it seems. Community is not a group of activists, but also a group of recognized specialists and professionals in various fields. Our activism is more than it seems. This is not only a street action, this is any help to the community, for example, friendly specialists, journalists and community loyal businesses.

We are taught to avoid risks, inhibit our bravery and avoid anything new. However, we have more abilities than it seems and it is vital to see them. We find allies even where we did not expect. We are building strong and supporting community, we discover ourselves more powerful and capable than it seems in our oppression.

hey say we need to be isolated from society, but there are more allies and our supporters than it seems. Not only "rainbow" media write about the community, but other mass media and bloggers. More and more brands represent LGBTQ+ people equally to the rest of the community. More and more people perceive us as a full-fledged society - which they talk about and reckon with.

Keeping our eyes open to our vulnerabilities and experiences of discrimination, we offer you to see our powers. This is interesting. This is not scary. This inspires and makes us even more strong.

We suggest to see the other side of our fight. Let's do this together, shall we?

The festival will be held from 8th to 18th of October, 2020.