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15:00 / loft COM.NATA, Obvodny kanal embankment, 136


Atheatrical lecture «IAm/We Are LGBT manifesto» will expand onthe role manifestos have played for LGBT communities.

Alina Likhter and Igor Sinelnikov will touch onthe key manifestoes created byactivists ofvarious identities: manifestoes bylesbians, bisexual, gay and transgender people from 1970s tothis day. The presence ofactors will also allow you tohear some extracts from these texts.

Authors ofthe lecture believe that manifestoes are still relevant tothe current world, even though theyve been becoming shorter and taking new forms. For example, aprofile picture that says: «IAm/We Are Yulia Tsvetkova». This way isused inside the LGBT community tosupport each other, increase visibility and make astatement individually and simultaneously together.

There will also beaQ&A atthe end, and weanticipate that the theatrical nature ofthe lecture will submerge you inthe context, let you experience the hope, the anger and the power ofgenerations inthe community through its texts, hopes and wishes. Wewelcome everyone inthe community and their loved ones tothe event.



Alina Leekhter

Alina Likhter

Bisexual activist, development director atLGBT community center «Action» (Saint Petersburg).

Igor Sinelnikov

Igor Sinelnikov

Gay activist, coordinator ofdirections ofdevelopment atLGBT community center «Action» (Saint Petersburg), owner ofchannel «Radical Gay».