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19:00 / COM.NATA Loft, Obvodny kanal embarkment, 136


Is it true that Russian media are not ready yet to write about LGBT+?

Al Kovalsky, they, will refute this myth. Journalists are not always aware of how to discuss this topic correctly; therefore, they cannot see a lot of «internal» problems happening in society. To overcome this gap, media should set a dialogue with the community. How to start it?

Al will observe the current situation of LGBT+ in Russia and will tell about their job as a queer journalist. (Al are dealing with vulnerable groups while representing them themselves.) On this event we will find out how the representation is built in other countries where there is a possibility to create special organizations.

The event is aimed at LGBT+ activists who would like to develop their projects in media, at members of LGBT+ community who want to share their stories, at authors who would like to write and publish materials about LGBT+, and on everybody who is interested in phenomenon of representation and on increasing visibility of vulnerable groups in media.



Alena Krylova

Al Kovalsky, they

Queer journalist, author in «Takie dela», and Wonderzine. They write about social issues, vulnerable groups, and LGBT+ community.