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23:00 / Opera concert club / Obvodny canal embankment, 181

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he musician everyone has been waiting for. Songs, the words of which you want to parse into quotes, memorize and repeat like a mantra. Queerfest's headliner this year is the amazing MANIZHA.

MANIZHA is a musician, independent artist, music writer and performer of songs at the junction of blue eyed soul and ethno, whose melodies are formed with the help of quietly struck soul strings and instrumental processing of high professional quality. 

MANIZHA is a person of the world in every sense: for creation of her songs she collected material all over the world, collaborated with the best musicians and producers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and London. She actively supports LGBT people, protects the rights of women and migrants, fights against the problem of poverty, and does charity work.

The MANIZHA concert will be a bright conclusion to the festival. Each performance of the musician is a journey that you have waited for a long time and you don't want it to end.

Anyone who is ready to dance in the best Bollywood traditions to the hit "Nedoslavianka", as well as sing along with the manifesto "I AM WHO I AM" - be sure!


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