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18:00 / COM.NATA loft, Obvodny canal embankment, 136




How do you feel without a permanent partner? Does the social stereotype opress you that being alone means being "lonely, inadequate, waiting for a new relationship"? What if it's a choice?

This year at the festival we are raising the topic of conscious loneliness. At a public talk, we will discuss why relationships are not necessary for happiness, who are "singletons" and how they fight prejudices and stereotypes.

If you are curious why the word “solitude” in Russia has such a negative connotation that you shouldn't ask a singleton about it, and how they deal with dating, sex and intimate relationships, come on!





Sasha Sulim

journalist, ex-special correspondent for Meduza, author of the book «A Deserted Place. How maniacs are caught in Russia» and an instagram blog about life in the status of a single sasha__sulim.


Sasha Makhova


Sasha is a psychologist and volunteer at the «Vyhod» Psychological Service. At the age of 28, she changed her profession to do what she considers really important and meaningful - private psychological practice.


Here is what Sasha says about the topic of the discussion in which she takes part: “I often hear about solitude exclusively in a negative way: «Go crazy from loneliness», «single as a synonym for useless». Meanwhile, my personal experience of being single became the experience of getting to know myself and my needs. This allowed me to understand better who I am and what I want, what suits me and what does not. Being in a group (and a family is also a group) is an important experience, but in solitude, we have more opportunities to hear ourselves and our inner voice. I think a singleton can be both temporary and permanent. As true or unfaithful as family or relationships. "

Sasha Semenova

Sasha Smirnova


Talk moderator, moderator of partner programs of the festival