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Q:If I am not registered, is there an opportunity to visit festival?

A: We are sorry, but without registration it won't work. This year registration is connected with anti-COVID-19 actions. On every event there will be not more than 60 visitors, who will pass according the lists and document check. If the registration is unavailable, this means that affordable quantity of people has already registered.

Q: I am under 18 but I want to go on the festival! Can I go there with my parents/older relatives?

Our apologizes, but we must comply with the law, that is why entrance is allowed only for people over 18 regardless of documents confirming relationship.

Q: How can I get to the offline event?

A: There are three stages:
1. Register for the event you are interested in
2. Do not forget to bring a passport or another identity document (because of 18+ age limit, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the event without giving reasons)
3. Come on time

Q: Should I pay for something?

A: Everything is free except two paid events:
- Queerfest Night party (10th of October, 22:00)
- Festival closing: Manizha's concert (17th of October, 23:00)

Q: Will there be online-broadcasts and their recordings? Should I register to watch them?

A: There are definitely will be recordings! There is no need to register, just subscribe on our social groups and put on notifications about recordings:


Where is the festival take place?

- Main platform: COM.NATA loft, Obvodny canal enbankment, 136
- Queerfest Night Party: CENTRAL STATION SPB club, Lomonosov st., 1
- Festival closing: OPERA CONCERT CLUB, Obvodny canal enbankment, 181

Still have questions? Then comment under this post or contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will surely answer!